Cycling Leader & Cleaner

Khoun Theab

I was born and raised in Odor-Meanchhey province. I have two siblings. Unfortunately, my brother passed away and I haven’t heard anything about my sister since we lived independently.  

When I was 18 years old, I was forced into an arranged marriage. I worked in a laborious job to support my family, but my income was spent on my husband’s alcohol. I was a victim of domestic abuse. It was hard, but I could leave this traumatic event.  

Since living independently, I worked as a housekeeper and a cleaner. We didn’t have much money, so my children only received informal education. 

I then joined REACH as a cleaner. After a year, I obtained an additional position as a cycling leader since I like cycling and want to teach students about cycling rules. I’m happy to spend more time with my children and that they have access to a good education.  

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