Repair Shop Supervisor

Bun Polin

My name is Bun Polin. When I was 6 years old, my house was robbed and 5 of my relatives were murdered. As a result of this, my family fell into poverty. 

It leads to my siblings having to work at young ages. When I was 8, I helped my mom and my sisters in the rice field, but the work was hard for young me. 

There were so many difficulties when I was a student and got a job. Luckily, I got a recommendation to work as a driver for REACH. Now, I am working inside the Bicycle Repair Shop to repair REACH beneficiary bicycles, and to train students and beneficiaries in bike repairing and refurbishing.  

I am very happy to work with REACH because I can improve my personal development skills and help the community by training all teenagers to upskill themselves and understand the value of education.

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