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Families receiving holistic support and services


Activities: community workshops, medical & dental, emergency financial assistance, family planning / contraception & in-kind support

With limited Government funding for social services in Cambodia, it is imperative that NGOs step in and take care of children and families living in dire poverty. World Bank recently reported that only 13.5% of the Cambodian population is living below the poverty line. This poverty line as set by the Cambodian Government is merely USD$1.90 per day. While this 13.5% is a persuasively small percentage, a vast majority of the remaining population (4.5 million) that sit outside this bracket, only do so by a fraction.

It is these families, living in extreme poverty, existing on only a few dollars a day, that are struggling to survive. Often illiterate, hard working parents, who were once children of the war, are now facing daily struggles beyond our comprehension. With no access to quality healthcare, family members are needlessly dying, chronic illness and disease are widespread, and in a desperate attempt to earn money, parents are succumbing to exploitative labour.

In desperation, many parents take their children out of school to collect rubbish to earn money for food, others send their children to work illegally across borders and some are even deceived into selling their children into the sex industry. Without education, direction, and wholesome support, these families will remain in a perpetuated cycle of poverty.

Our Community Outreach program provides these families with a hand-up in times of desperate need. Depending on the emergency faced, our team of social workers provides families with a variety of solutions, such as: emergency medical treatment, urgent food distribution, critical hut repairs, government documentation, financial support, dental treatment, clothing, community educational seminars, family planning advice & birth control.

We also work with established organisations and refer child protection cases and link our families to the most capable and relevant aid providers or authorities when needed.

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Rice rewards

When parents make the difficult decision to send their children to work instead of school, it is often because they can’t earn enough themselves to put food on the table.

To ensure all REACH kids have high attendance at our NGO and their public school, we have implemented an incentive based food security program; click here to learn more.