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Youth Pathways

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We believe that empowering teenagers is the key to breaking long standing cycles of poverty for Cambodian families.

According to Open Development Cambodia only 20.2% of Cambodian teenagers complete high-school each year, and of that, only 14% of the graduates go on to study at University. Sadly, these devastating statistics will only be further exacerbated by the current global pandemic.

Our ‘Youth Pathways’ program seeks to support youths that are facing either of the following challenges:

1. Youths who due to poverty have dropped out of their formal education and are without the skills to acquire fair employment.

2. Dedicated youths who are enrolled in public school, but due to poverty are unable to afford their high school education costs

Through this program, we provide our youth with various opportunities to develop their soft skills and guide them through these fundamental years prior to securing scholarships and or employment.

We believe in providing opportunity to youths who are committed to not only helping themselves, but their community as a whole.

As an incubator for the Youth Pathways program, students are first encouraged to join our REACH Role Models Club. This club runs every semester and gives our youngest youths the opportunity to learn new skills by volunteering in either the REACH Repair Shop, Garden, as a Teaching Assistant or Program Support. As a reward for their dedication, each month, the Role Models are taken on an educational excursion to gain exposure to the outside world.

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Once our REACH Role Model graduates progress to Grade 7 in their public school, or are 15 years or over, they can then apply to join our Youth Pathways Sunday program. This is an intensive 10 month course focusing on interpersonal development.

All youths within this program are provided with additional support to cover the costs of their extra lessons and fees at public school (costing anywhere from AUD$20 – AUD$70 per month per student). By doing this, we are able to give them the best chance at not only completing high school, but excelling in their chosen subjects.

On a case by case basis, youths who have already dropped out of public school are instead provided access to short term monthly financial assistance. This is done to alleviate familial pressures to join the exploitative workforce and begin providing for their families. By issuing these stipends, we are able to ensure the most at-risk youth can continue to learn within REACH’s programs, until such time as we can secure them a suitable placements. Opportunities for training, work and scholarships will be sought through our extensive community partnerships and collaborations.

Students within this program learn the importance of leadership skills, and that given the opportunity, with hard work and a hand up, against all odds, they too can achieve their dreams.


Click here to join our Running Costs Club to keep the lights on in our classrooms so our youths can work towards their goals. With as little as $10USD per month, you can help REACH cover the basics to ensure the survival of this program.


With limited access to technology, impoverished children are unable to learn the basic computer skills required to gain fair employment. At REACH, we are working towards ensuring all kids have good levels of computer literacy; click here to learn more.