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Extra-curricular electives
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Monthly activities

When our oldest primary school-aged students at our school enter their 5th year at REACH, they automatically become members of the REACH Role Models Club. This exciting club sees ethics meets electives, and all activities are based around exposing REACH’s youngest youths to the outside world, teaching them how to be young leaders, and equipping them with the skills to give back to society.

As an incubator for the Youth Pathways program, each student within the REACH Role Models Club experiences the following activities throughout the year:

  • Weekly volunteer hours harvesting vegetables for REACH’s beneficiaries
  • Weekly volunteer hours repairing bicycles for REACH’s beneficiaries
  • Monthly Educational Sports & Reading Activities
  • Monthly Educational Excursions visiting
  • 6 Month Course in Gardening
  • 6 Month Course in REACH Repair Shop
  • Workshop on Sustainable Development

In the context of building up their community, the REACH Role Models are given the chance to become leaders in the school and are given exciting roles and activities where they are able to learn the soft skills of teamwork, leadership, and compassion.

With a strong focus on gender equality, our REACH Role Models Club aims to teach our students the importance of setting positive examples for their peers both inside and outside of REACH, and that boys and girls are equal.

The club runs for 2 Semesters and allows each student to learn new skills by partaking in either the REACH Repair Shop or the REACH Garden. At the end of each semester, our Role Models swap their electives and gain exposure to both programs over the course of the academic year. As a reward for their dedication and volunteer hours, each month, the Role Models are taken on an educational excursion to gain exposure to the outside world.

Living in such insular communities, the monthly excursions create great hype amongst the students, they are taken to visit partner NGO’s, free parks, and various locations in Siem Reap which open their minds to the opportunities that exist beyond their village.

When the Role Models are not fixing bikes or learning to grow crops in their focused electives, they are also furthering their ethics education – with a monthly collaborative workshop from the Youth Leader. These sessions are focused on topics such as the SDGs, bullying prevention, and creative arts.

Following their year in the Role Model Club, graduates of the program are then encouraged to apply to our Youth Pathways Program which is an application-based program, operating every Sunday.


Reach Repair Shop Sponsored By Delta Capita

Delta Capita the financial services division of Prytek, is a leading global Capital Markets consulting, managed services and technology provider that has generously sponsored our program.

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Youth Pathways

Once our REACH Role Model graduates progress to Grade 7 in their public school, or are 15 years or over, they can then apply to join our Youth Pathways Sunday program. This is an intensive 10-month course focusing on interpersonal development.

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