Alongside Cambodian families, in their fight

against poverty

Alongside Cambodian families, in their fight


Against Poverty

2024 Side by Side Ride

Keeping families together, one pedal at a time.

Our annual Side by Side event sees disadvantaged youths aged 12+ from our REACH Riders Club undertake the challenge of cycling 200kms in 2 days in support of our NGO.

While our REACH Riders are cycling on our in-country event, you can also partake in the journey and compete Side by Side with them!

Your challenge – 200kms in 2 weeks!



Providing integrated programs for impoverished Cambodian children to become change makers within their community, preparing them with life-skills to gain fair employment, and to break longstanding cycles of poverty within their family.



A future where all Cambodian children have access to quality education, shelter, nutritious food, healthcare and safe living environments so that they can thrive, develop, succeed and reach their dreams.

What we do

REACH Siem Reap is more than an English school.

With our goal to improve the living conditions of children, youth and families in the whole community. We have identified the following wholesome programs which will work together to make positive and lasting change:

Up for a life-changing challenge?

In January 2024, a group of incredible global supporters will be joining us in Cambodia to cycle 650kms across the Kingdom of Wonder for the kids and families at REACH Siem Reap.

Click here to learn more.


REACH proudly partners with various like-minded organisations locally and overseas.

Click here to see our full list of partners for Cambodia charity and to learn more about collaborating.

Program Sponsorship

Without government funding, REACH relies on the generosity of private donations from compassionate individuals around the world. We would like to give thanks to the following people and companies who have stepped forward to sponsor entire programs at REACH:

Computer Literacy Program – Sponsored by Other Birds
REACH Repair Shop – Sponsored by by Delta Capita
REACH Role Models – Sponsored by Delta Capita


Each year, an integral part of our fundraising strategy is our ‘Double your REACH’ campaign. To conclude the end of the Australian financial year, for the entire month of June all donations to our organisation are matched, dollar for dollar.‎

To make this campaign possible, REACH Siem Reap seeks out compassionate companies and individuals to pledge significant funds for the matching pool.‎

Our 2023 ‘Double Your REACH’ campaign was facilitated by the following compassionate individuals and companies: