English Teacher

Chhang Sreymik

My name is Chhang Sreymik. I am 24 years old. I am Cambodian. I was born in Siem Reap Cambodia. I have been living in Siem Reap all my life. I have 2 sisters and a brother. I am the youngest in my family.   

When my siblings and I were small to survive the living, it wasn’t very easy for us.  My mother doesn’t have a job. My father had a job, but it was not a stable job. To earn the money to support the family, my parents rented out our house to someone.   

Fortunately, we all got the opportunity to attend school. The school itself is super close to our house. We usually go by walking. I had a few close friends. We always hang out together after school. In the weekend, we usually had playdate and had so much fun. I started studying English when I was in grade 6 at Children’s dream (The school I was working with).   

In secondary school, friends started to move to different places or different schools. I walked to school every day with my cousin. In the afternoon, I rode my bicycle to the extra class. I like going to school but I wasn’t a very good learner. Secondary school was traumatic years of learning but also fun memory.   

About high school, I made quite a few close friends and we are still in contact. They are good people. My dad always brings me to school because I didn’t know how to drive a motorbike. I started to drive motorbikes when I was in grade 11. I only drove the motorbike to my extra class because my parents needed the motorbike for going to the market. I quitted the English course because things were too much for me to focus. I wanted to focus only on Khmer because the diploma examination is coming.   

Fortunately, I finished high school. I was searching for a job right away. I got my first job at a private school. Things were complicated for me as I am new at work. Then I decided to look for another job. I finally got a job as a Kindergarten teacher at the NGO I studied at when I was very young. I was so happy with the job and learned so much from it. The school found a sponsor for my study, they paid for my university fee. I am so grateful for that.   

As I finished university, I didn’t want to waste my evening doing nothing. I took a skill course which is tailoring. I have always thought I would be good at it, but it turns out far from what I expected. It requires lots of practice and patience. I still don’t know it can continue doing it.   

 Anyway, I got a new job at REACH Siem Reap. Everything is new and there is so much more to learn here. It is my first day here. Everybody here is super friendly and nice. Meeting new people has always been a challenge for me but I am trying my best to do the job.   

About six months later, I got in for a new role as Trainee Social Worker. This role is extremely new to me. Being a teacher, I only get to know small side of my students, but the new role gives me a bigger picture. I really enjoy what I am doing right now. Hopefully this is a great opportunity for me give back to the community.  

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