Make a positive impact ethically.


The REACH Volunteer Program is an ethically oriented program that welcomes international and local volunteers to assist our team in supporting different areas within our 12 integrated programs to benefit our students and their families. With a wide range of programs aimed at achieving our goal of poverty alleviation, we need additional hands to support our team in different areas. From Curriculum Development to Team Training, every aspect of our programs requires dedicated individuals who can contribute their time, skills, and passion.

This program aims to raise awareness of the ways in which volunteers can create a positive impact without being disruptive to the community and, importantly, without violating our strict child protection policies. 

In line with our locally driven approach, it is important to our organisation that every program is delivered to our students and families by our team. For this reason, the volunteer program has been set up in a way to complement our existing efforts by enabling volunteers to share their skills and passion directly with our team. 

Volunteering with our team not only ensures the longevity of our programs but also ensures that each volunteer’s heartfelt contribution of their time can be received by our beneficiaries through our team long after they have departed Cambodia.




The areas mentioned above are just a few examples of where our team needs support. However, the range of areas in which we require help is vast. Whether it’s marketing and fundraising, social workers, team training, or curriculum development, there are numerous opportunities for individuals to contribute their expertise and make a difference. No matter what your skills or interests may be, we have a place for you to lend a helping hand and be a vital part of our fundraising efforts.


At REACH, we focus on long-term, sustainable projects. We believe that it is essential to build strong connections within the community so that volunteers are not just providing a band-aid solution but are offering support directly to our team. 

Through our 4-step vetting process, volunteers are carefully selected and assigned to projects that are aligned with their skills and interests while also considering our organisation’s greatest needs at any one time. Upon acceptance into the program, our team provides training and support in the lead-up to their placement and works closely with the volunteers throughout their time on the ground in Cambodia. Volunteers are welcomed warmly by our team, and there is a strong focus on shared learning experiences through cross-cultural collaboration.

We understand that some individuals may have limited flexibility with their time due to various circumstances, which is why we are open to offering shorter-term placements in specific areas of need. Depending on your availability and skills, we can work together to find a role that aligns with your interests and time constraints. Your contributions, regardless of duration, will still make a significant impact in helping us achieve our fundraising goals.

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In order to ensure the success of our volunteer program, we have implemented a thorough vetting process. We believe in pairing each project with the right candidate in order to maximize impact and create meaningful experiences for both volunteers and the organization. Therefore, we carefully review each application to find the perfect fit. It’s important to note that due to limited spaces, we encourage interested individuals to submit their applications as soon as possible to be considered for this incredible opportunity.


Once a volunteer has been accepted into our program, we will require the following:

  • Police Check or Working With Children ID
  • Copy of your passport
  • Travel or Health Insurance
  • $450AUD donation

In exchange for your valuable work and dedication, at the end of your internship, you will receive:  

  • Operational experience in a start-up where both your work and the results are highly tangible and matter to the business. 
  • Certificate of internship  
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Work and field experience at a grassroots NGO 

The volunteering fee serves as a direct contribution to support our programs and their continued success. It allows us to fund essential resources, provide necessary training, and ensure the smooth operation of our initiatives. However, we also have the option of fundraising. We encourage individuals to leverage their networks, organise events, or employ creative fundraising methods to cover their volunteering costs. Our goal is to make volunteering accessible to as many passionate individuals as possible, regardless of financial circumstances.

Volunteers that contribute their time and skills with our team become valued members of our global community and are able to remain involved in our cause through a variety of means from afar. Through this program, we aim to forge long-lasting bonds with humanitarians that go on to remain key members of our global community long after they leave. 


With child protection being our top priority, it is essential that all volunteers provide references, current criminal background checks, adhere to our child protection policy and code of conduct.

We reserve the right to remove any volunteers, visitors and staff who act in breach of our policies.