Communications Officer

Tadiwanashe Sibanda

Hi, I’m Tadiwanashe or Tadiwa for short! I am highly honored to have Cambodia as the 8th country I’ve lived in! Originally from Zimbabwe, I’ve spent my entire life moving around, crossing oceans, changing climates, and embracing new cultures. Having admired and immersed myself in so many different cultures and environments, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the lovely city of Siem Reap, and culture of Cambodia.   

Growing up my parents also emphasized and prioritized education for me and my siblings. Nothing ever held more weight than education did. I can say that this dedication to learning also stemmed greatly from my grandfather being a teacher for well over five decades and seeing the impact his occupation had for hundreds of children.  

I’ve been extremely fortunate enough to be able to receive primary, secondary and tertiary education. This is something that a lot of people back in my native Zimbabwe and all across the globe do not have the luxury of.

After my A Levels, I managed to pursue a degree in international law with the dream and intention of engaging in humanitarian and policy work. I distinctly remember reiterating the ever-so cliché line of: “I want to make a difference” to myself and to others. And at some point, studying law can very easily quash said dream, being a rather clinical and strict focus of study and career. Thus, I found a found another interesting and unexpected passion in marketing and communications which I cultivated through intensive internships and projects.    

I was very luck to join REACH as a Communications Officer. I’m pursuing two passions, side-by-side and getting to make the difference I aspired to – without the cliché.  And when I’m not behind the desk, I have the privilege of teaching an elective class in Geography! 

What REACH as an organization does is enabling hundreds of underprivileged families and children to build themselves up, as well as their communities. Immersing myself into an organization as resourceful, resilient and as inspiring as REACH is something I never would have imagined for myself so early on in my professional career.  

It’s like we say at REACH – it’s not about giving handouts, but giving a “hand up” and that makes all the difference!  

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