Communications Assistant

Rat Rina

Hi! I’m Rina Rat. I was born in a rural area which is 32km from the town. I finished grade 12 from Dom Dek High school in 2021. During high school life, I was struggling and found this period challenging. I had to wake up early and sleep late at night to finish the exercises from school and review the lessons. During the daytime. I studied from 6am to 7pm every single day except Sunday. From my hard work and never giving up I got very good grades. I got grade A among 5 students in my high school which makes my parents and my relative so proud of me because I am the first one who got this grade. 

Growing up my parents also emphasized and prioritized education for me and my siblings even though they didn’t even have a chance to study when they were children. We live in a very poor income family with 5 members, I am the second child. My father worked full day and get paid only 5000 riels. Sometimes we ate rice without food or with salt. However, my parents are trying so hard to give children the opportunity to study because they look through their life and told me and my siblings if you don’t study hard, you will not be able to work in a comfortable place with a high salary. You will work like a father and mother at the rice field under the sun every day. Their advice really damaged my feelings. So, letter on, I am trying very hard and don’t want them to be so disappointed with me. Education really changed my life a lot. I have been able to communicate and use English very well. I got a lot of opportunities to study at Pannasastra University which is one of the top schools in Siem Reap. And my older brother is a soldier, my youngest brother is now in grade 8. I have to support my family and my youngest as well.  ` 

Moving from my hometown is such a new journey. At PUC I am doing my bachelor’s degree in business administration. I face many challenges which I have never met before. I experience something new every day. I have a big burden to help myself and my family as well. After I completed the one-year English Program at PUC, I interned at the Front Desk office where I was responsible for providing information to the students and preparing their test as well. In the next 2 months, I was promoted to a staff position as an HR Assistant at PUC. I also had a part-time job as a translator at the School for Field Studies Centre, which was a very new experience for me.  

With these experiences and my ability, I want to see myself growing more and more. I had applied at REACH Siem Reap. I got an opportunity to work at REACH as the Communications Assistant with the friendliest co-workers and amazing goals of REACH. 

My goal in the future is to own my business and my biggest goals than this is to own my NGOs which is going to help children from the poor family have an opportunity to get the education. I want to be very helpful to my country to be a developed country in the future soon. 

Working at REACH as a communications assistant is a great opportunity for me because I can help underprivileged families. I hope that this will be helpful for the children getting enough education and improve their family condition to be better in the future. I am sure that in this position will enable me to be the best person who has a strong enough ability to own the organization by myself. 

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