Assistant Mechanic & Cycling Leader

Phon Sreymom

My name is Phon Sreymom, I am 21 years old and I live in Beong village, Chreave commune, Siem Reap Province. I have two sisters and three brothers. I am the youngest child in my family. All my brothers and sisters are married except for myself and my fourth brother. He is currently in third year at Panhasastra University studying TESOL. My parents passed away when we were very young so we didn’t have a means of financial support for our studies and living, so it was only me and my fourth brother that have been able to receive higher education. 

Even though, I don’t have someone support my studying when my parents passed away but, I never gave up because, I thought that education is really important for the poor children like my siblings. In my free time I cut the grass for my cousin, found the snail for sell, and help my aunt with her housework to get the money to study at the Public school, and I also studied English near my home without pay money. After I graduated high, I didn’t have enough ability to start the university. But I started to work as a volunteer at my English school to get experience.  

In March 2022, I registered to study a Better Future Program at JWOC. This program it’s learnt about English, Computer, Leadership, Life skill, how to writer CV and Cover Letter for applying jobs. After I joined at JWOC for three months, it’s changed myself to be the person who confident, good community, responsibility, and also improve myself to get the chance   

In July 2022, I started to intern at REACH. I learnt a lot from REACH, learnt how to work with the kids, protect the kids, sharing knowledge to the kids and shared some experience with team work. I interested about cycling and fixing the bike for donated to the kids and family’s students. I also learnt about these program, and now I become a full-time staff as an Assistant Mechanic and Cycling Assistant at REACH. I really happy for being the REACH team and I also can share and get more experience to the people around me. During I’m working here, I have got an opportunity from S.E Found Scholarship for study at the University.  

My major is TESOL at Panhasastra University at Siem Reap. In my future I want to become an English teacher, there are some reasons that I want to become an English teaher. The first is sharing my knowledge that I have learnt to the poor children and the villagers in my village. The second is helping them to get a better job in the future. Job is really important, if they get a better job they also can help their family and against poverty. The third is developing my village. Nowadays, my village is weak if compare to the other villages around. Most people here are uneducated and the principle of the village didn’t care much for their education. The last reason is opening a school in my village. It is the key to achieve all the reason above. It also my big dream when I was young. So, if the villagers in my village know about English or educated, their future will be better.

In conclusion, all the reasons that I want to become an English teacher are, sharing knowledge, helping people to get better job, developing my village, and opening a school in my village for my villagers. It will be happening if I could study or sharing my Bachelor Degree at University form now on.  

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