Education Administration

Phoeurn Da

Hello! My name is Phoeurn Da. I’m 25 years old and was born in Kampong Cham province. I have one brother, and I’m the oldest sister. When I was in grade 4, my family decided to move to Siem reap for our own business. I started primary school at Muk Neak school and finished grade 6. Then, I moved to study at Hun Sen Siem Reap high school. I graduated from high school in 2014; also the year I started the university class. My major was English for Education. In 2018, my group work and I went to Thailand to do a teaching practicum for my 4th year before I graduated. It took seven days to stay there. It was a great experience. I got to know their education program and cultures as well.

In 2017, I got my first job at one school. My position was a teaching assistant. I remembered that the first time I had trouble with my work, and I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t control kids, and they didn’t listen to me. Day by day, I started to know how to control them or manage the class. I’ve learnt a lot from the children and my team. After two years, my manager promoted me to be a teacher until June 2022. I spent five years working there, and I’ve got many experiences of how to create lesson plan, quality worksheet or homework, art crafts, sportify skills, etc. I always find something new for myself to do or try even if it doesn’t relate to what I’m doing because I believe that it will give me back something.

In addition, I usually join workshops or training. By doing that, I can improve myself and get to know other people. I just finished one short course, English Phonetics and Pronunciation. After the course, I learned where to put stress, intonation and recognise the sound. I love to give a chance for myself to learn for a better future.

I hope to see myself better in the next five years by doing what I love to do right now at REACH NGO. I will try my best to work, help, share and learn from everyone. Giving hands to the ones who really need help is what I love to do the most. Thank you! 

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