English Teacher

Heng Hun

My name is Heng Hun. I am 27 years old. I am the third child among 5 children’s members. I was born on 1st September 1996. My father is a middle broker. He buys fish or cow and sells it to the third broker. My mother is a housewife, she is a good mom who can cook a very yummy food. I was an illiterate child when I was young. Once, I walked across the pagoda; I heard the temple boys chanting and memorizing the dharma and maths. I thought about myself who knows nothing even the Khmer alphabet. I came home and I requested permission from my parents. My tears were out in fear of asking them to go to the pagoda. I held on to my tears and decided to go close and say to my parents, I wanted to be a temple boy in reason being a monk. At first, they hesitated to my suggestion, but they didn’t say no to me. I started a new life as being a monk and kept studying year by year.

I completed my Bac-2 in 2018. I got a scholarship from an NGO to support my Bachelor of Arts for 4 years. During my journey of university, I had a lot of experiences in teaching English, joining workshops with NGO, English teacher training, reading and sharing courses with the authors, holding English program with team, and opening our own library at the Polanka monastery. I’m a person who likes working in society such as opening the public reading along the river and the garden, growing the trees with the Green Foundation in duty of Media and host the event.

I am studying for the exit exam at Paññāsāstra university of Cambodia in major International Relations to complete my Bachelor of Arts. I decided to be a REACH team member, in reason to learn more about the work and experiences I can gain. I can’t believe I could be a REACH member, but it happens to me. I am keen to work with REACH to improve myself and the team. I am curious to every new chapter of life.

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