Ride to REACH… the relaunch!

By Oliver Allcock

Our Advisor Oliver Allcock shares with you his first hand experience of fundraising and cycling 650kms across Cambodia.

His reflection and video testimonial aims to give you insight into why he has committed to our next event and is itching to come back to do it all over again:

“I’m not going to lie; I am writing this from a totally biased perspective, but maybe some of what I have experienced is worth sharing. I sit on the advisory board for REACH and am in regular contact with Emily and her team. It is a constant pleasure to watch the NGO develop and make such a positive contribution to the local society. It is playing a role so integral to community; allowing children to learn, eat and play in safety, offering guidance on their futures, and helping their families to live with basic essentials such as food supplies, health and housing support. In such a crazy world I love being part of REACH. It helps get me out of bed in the morning and will definitely get the wheels rolling in January 2023.

We planned the ‘Ride to REACH’ route back in November 2019; and happily went on a moped reconnaissance tour; seeking hidden gems along the roads less traveled. We found several exciting locations (and a few others to definitely avoid!) and looked forward to the good times that would be had whilst also raising lots of much needed funds.

John Georgia & Ollie Enjoying on the Mekong

Our Co-Founder John, first ever volunteer Georgia, Advisor Ollie and Matt enjoying sunset beers on the Mekong.

So, to have the trip cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 was painful, but I am now excited thinking again about what is to come. 10 days on the road offers so much; the opportunity to take each day as it comes, to building friendships (amongst us riders but also the amazing support crew and many lovely locals), to catch glimpses of Cambodia’s ancient history, appreciate beautiful nature (from wild forests to the mighty Mekong) and enjoy many memorable moments (on the bikes / boats / beers / etc!). It’s enough time to fully disconnect from our frantic day to day lives, focus on the here and now, and allow adventure to happen (both planned and other!). The potential is inspiring.

It is also rewarding in other ways…. there is a challenge for everyone!

Ollie & John Enjoying kayaking
Ollie & John enjoying kayaking across the Mekong during our charity ride route inspection back in November 2019.

From the physical demands of daily cycling, off the beaten track in a hot and dusty land on roads scattered with potholes, chickens, tuk tuks, etc!, To fund-raising; something that always seems daunting at first but you quickly learn friends and family will support you, and the ride will be that much more fulfilling because of your efforts. Dare I say it there is the occasional hangover (watch out a big night before our rest day in Phnom Penh!). But you get the picture. There are so many opportunities to learn from and then enjoy the accomplishment and memories for years to come. And being part of a team, all experiencing this together and helping each other along the way, forms a bond that is hard to explain.

Charitable work has become a (very fun and rewarding) pillar of my life. I have learned a lot; gaining friends and connections all over the world, across generations and backgrounds, all so important for growing as a person. The ride to REACH will only strengthen that for me. So yes, I am totally biased but perhaps come the end of January 2023 maybe you will be too!

I hope to see you there.


Want to join us?

We currently have a group of dedicated individuals who are gearing up to ride the length of Cambodia with us in January 2023.

For many of them, it will be their first overseas trip since the pandemic began – they are after a rewarding experience, and they are aiming big.

We assure you; this will not disappoint.

Dates: 19th – 31st of January 2023
Location: The Kingdom of Cambodia
Challenge: 650kms over 8 days cycling
Fundraising Target: $5,000AUD

To learn more about the ‘Ride to REACH’ adventure, please email emily@reachsiemreap.org to get the conversation started.

We also have our Co-Founder John based in Melbourne, who is keen to talk you through everything there is to know about why we continue to ride bikes across Cambodia.

Child Cycling During Cambodia Volunteer Trips

A beautiful picture of a child cycling during Cambodia volunteer trips

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