Rice Rewards

Sadly, for many REACH children and their families, living in poverty and going without food is a way of life. In desperation, this sometimes means taking the children out of school to assist the family collecting rubbish as a means of income to provide minimal rations. This is among the many obstacles children face to attend school as well as enrolment fees, legal documentation, school uniform, study resources and a bicycle to travel many kilometres from the village.

Whilst all our families believe in the benefits of education (both public school and REACH), food is an overwhelming priority for survival. To combat starvation for all REACH families, we have developed our Rice Rewards Program.

The Rice Rewards program is designed as an incentive-based program to encourage families to send each of their children regularly to both the public school and to REACH, whilst also providing nutritional support to the parents and their families as a whole.

Every month, students who achieve a high attendance at public school & at REACH will each receive 10kg of rice & other nutritional supplements.

This tangible nutritional support helps to alleviate financial pressure and stress for parents, and further discourages them from removing their children from school and sending them to work or beg. This program encourages guardians to value education and allows REACH to monitor and support each family as required. Through regular attendance reviews, we are able to identify illness’ within the families and flag challenges that each students face. Children who maintain regular Rice Rewards are then prioritised for our Youth Pathways program.


Whole Lotta Soul holds donation-based yoga classes in support of our Rice Rewards program. Click here to sign up to the next class, and flow to feed our families in need.

If you can't make the class, a recording of the session will be emailed to you.

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We believe that empowering teenagers is the key to breaking long standing cycles of poverty and our Youth Pathways program has been set up to do exactly that; click here to learn more.