Kindergarten English Teacher

Pin Sreypov

My name is Pin Sreypov. I’m originally from Siem Reap. I’m the youngest sister of the five siblings. There are currently five people in my family, including my parents and daughter.  

I studied at a local non-profit organization that supports low-income people. I would not have been able to learn English if I hadn’t had an opportunity to join that NGO! I decided to join REACH because I want to be grateful to the organization that helped me when I was young and want to participate in social activities. I wish to impart my expertise to children.  

I’m studying Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), at Build Bright University now. And I’ve been working as a kindergarten English teacher at REACH since 2022.  

I’m satisfied to work at REACH and strongly committed to using my knowledge to support the children who are from families in need in my community. 

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