Mechanic & Cycling Support

Phon Sreymom

My name is Phon Sreymom, and I live in Chreave commune, Siem Reap Province. I am the youngest child in my family. My parents passed away when we were young. 

Even though it was hard to continue my study, I never gave up. Because I thought that education was really important for me. 

In March 2022, I registered to study a Better Future Program at JWOC. This program teaches about English, Leadership, etc. It changed me to be a confident and responsible person.  

In July 2022, I started my internship at REACH. I learned how to communicate and share knowledge with the kids and team members. I’m interested in cycling and fixing the bike. So, I’m now a full-time staff as a Mechanic and Cycling Assistant! 

I’m studying TESOL now. I wanna become an English teacher to share knowledge and develop my village by opening a school in the future.  

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