Trainee Social Worker

Chhang Sreymik

My name is Chhang Sreymik. I have been living in Siem Reap all my life. I am the youngest of 3 siblings.  

It wasn’t easy to survive when we were young. To earn the money to support the family, my parents rented out our house to someone.  

Fortunately, we got the opportunity to attend a school. I started studying English when I was in grade 6 at Children’s Dream.   

After graduating high school, I got my first job at a private school. I changed my job as a Kindergarten teacher at the NGO where I learned so much and assisted with my tuition fee. 

I took a skills course, and I got a job at REACH. I changed my role as a Trainee Social Worker. Being a teacher, the new role gives me a bigger picture. Hopefully, this is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community.    

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