It’s time to Double Your REACH!

Thanks to our incredible supporters, REACH has been able to continue operating through an unimaginable two years, providing lifesaving support to the most vulnerable. Times are still incredibly tough, but now that there is a clear light at the end of the tunnel, it is no longer about helping our families just survive, it’s now about seeing them thrive through the support of our programs!

For those of you who have been following REACH for some time, you may be familiar with our incredible match grant campaign which is one of our largest fundraising avenues to ensure REACH’s programs can operate.

Thanks to our Match Grant Heroes as of today, until the end of this month, in line with the end of the tax year in Australia, all donations up to our target of $55,000AUD will be matched, $ for $.

Double your Reach

Introducing our Match Grant Heroes! ????????‍♂️ ????????‍♀️

Our Match Grant campaign has officially started and will run until 30th June 2022 (or until we have reached the target). By donating to this campaign, you will be making double the impact, ensuring that over 100 families like the Sun Family have a safe place for their youngest children to learn and play, guardians can work without needing childcare and older siblings can enjoy learning English, Arts and the Computer skills with full bellies.

Thanks to the pledges from our Match Grant Heroes, you have the chance to help not one, but more than 100 families continue receiving access to REACH’s free programs and change the narrative to their lives. We enrol them at aged 5 into kindergarten, support their families through outreach support, providing them key education, extracurricular activities like bike repairs and cycling and computer skills. We will closely support them in their critical years as youths, until they find fair job opportunities vocational training or university scholarships.

Craig Turnour – In Loving Memory of Nancy & Jim

Loving Memory of Nancy & Jim

A new and enthusiastic generous donor, Craig Turnour has stepped forward to match $5,000AUD worth of funds in loving memory of his parents Nancy & Jim.

Here are Craig’s reasons for tributing his parents as ‘Match Grant Heroes’:

“Nancy and Jim lived hard but long lives, and in doing so managed to get through many financial and personal struggles until they reached their twilight years, which were comfortable for them as by then they had their children to look after them. ​

They were both born before the Great Depression of the 1930s, so lived through these difficult times as well as the 2nd World War. Although this would pale into insignificance with what the Cambodian people have lived through.

However like a lot of people in Cambodia, albeit not at the same poverty level, my parents struggled day to day, week to week to make ends meet, but were also able to raise and educate 8 children.

In raising their children they understood the value of education and the opportunities that arose from this. And despite their limited means throughout most of their lives, they always shared their good fortunes whenever they could as well as actively contributing to their community, most of the time without any need or want for acknowledgment.

It is with this in mind that in memory of them I have decided to support REACH Siem Reap as their ethos is something that they would have very much supported, as do I, if they were still alive.”

– Craig Turnour

First Move Digital

First Move Digital Logo

Our second Match Grant Heroes are First Move Digital (FMD), a digital marketing agency based in Australia who have been generously supporting REACH since its inception. A new member to our International Advisory Board, FMD’s Founder Dan Copsey first met REACH’s Founder Emily Williamson at university, where they collaborated on a project together and since then, has been a huge supporter of REACH.

From building and maintaining our website to supporting our campaigns through social media ads, FMD have been an integral partner in all things digital marketing at REACH! Their team of 70 specialises in building and growing brands through their digital services and pushing businesses to success through strategic Search Engine Optimisation, bringing in increased audiences.

FMD have recently sponsored 24 computers kitting out our lab so that our Computer Literacy program can commence next semester.

Now, to ensure we have the funds to operate at full capacity they have pledged $5,000AUD to the matching pool!

Woods & Co.

Woods & Co Logo

Woods & Co is a Melbourne based recruitment agency, striving to deliver results beyond expectation to both job seekers and employers. Their goal is to build lasting relationships with all their clients based upon ongoing success in matching job vacancies with the most appropriate candidates, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Woods & Co. have generously pledged $5,000AUD for the kids of Cambodia!

The Luscombe Family

Luscombe Family

Our international advisor Dr. Terence Luscome, his wife Anne and his family have been key supporters of REACH since day one and have been with us through all the challenges, advocating their support every step of the way.

The Luscombe Family scholarship fund was established in memory of our dear father, Brian Luscombe, who worked hard to provide a good education for his nine children. He believed that education would afford opportunity in the future. As you can imagine our parents made many sacrifices to make this happen. As a legacy to him the family make a donation each Christmas in lieu of gifts.

Having visited Cambodia, we saw the work and commitment the staff at REACH make and we wanted to provide some assistance towards making their students’ futures brighter. 

Their kind contribution of $5,000AUD to this campaign will be life-changing for our beneficiaries.

Ian & Deb Hayllor

Ian & Deb Hayllor

Ian and Deb Hayllor have been contributing to our cause since the very first time our Ride to REACH event was launched and postponed due to Covid-19.

Ian has been patiently waiting to partake our charity ride and will finally be joining us in Cambodia in January 2023. In the interim, both he and Deb have been supporting us in any other way they can.

This month, they have generously come forward with $5,000AUD for the match grant campaign, here’s a little bit about them both:

“Deb and I are farmers in Queensland Australia, we have three sons and four grandchildren. Two sons are farmers and one is an engineer. I was born in England and came to Australia in 1980 for a holiday and stayed, got married, bought our first farm and proceeded to build a life for our family.

I visited Cambodia in 2017 with a couple of friends and fell in love with the country and the people. The food, scenery and  helpful friendly people made the holiday really special and one I would never forget.

I wanted to see if I could visit again but this time cycle through the country, meet more amazing people and raise some money for a cambodia charity work that helps children less fortunate than ourselves.

The work being done by the team at Reach is second to none and the way they keep us informed about all the amazing projects being done makes me feel part of the team.”

– Ian Hayllor

The Dubai Gentleman’s Club

Dubai Gentleman's Club

The Dubai Gentleman’s club is a private invite only quarterly  lunch for CxOs, business owners and Entrepreneurs. Moving into its 14th year it is a lunch that brings together some of the brightest and most successful minds in Dubai. Always focused on creating a relaxed and fun afternoon where people can meet new execs and at the same time enjoy some amazing food and drinks. Since the outset the lunch has always supported a small local charity in different parts of the world with the aim to “make a difference”.

To date, this special club of gentlemen have hosted 2 lunches in support of REACH, supporting our Hygiene Station and Water System and then the construction of our 5th Classroom. 

They have come through again and are have dug deep to put up $9,000AUD to the matching pool!

The Rotary Club of Dalby

Rotary Club of Dalby Logo

The Rotary Club of Dalby has been helping the Dalby community for 79 years. President of the Club Ian Hayllor and his wife Deb have been an avid supporter of REACH from the start. 

Each year the Rotary Club of Dalby  raises funds by hosting Breakfast in the Park on Australia Day, a Charity Golf Day and conducting a Christmas Raffle. Oher events involve BBQ’s at the annual stockhorse sale.

This kind-hearted club of humanitarians supported us with a contribution to last years ‘Double Your REACH’ campaign, and this year, have stepped forward to join the matching pool, with a generous donation of $6,000AUD!

Geoffrey Wilson

Geoffrey Wilson

The start up costs of our organisation were proudly funded by philanthropist and humanitarian Geoffrey Charles Wilson. Born in 1944 in Daylesford, a rural Victorian town in Australia, Geoff grew up with a passion for finance and business.

At the young age of 23 Geoff began trading in shares; this was the beginning of a fruitful career in the stock market. At age 38 Geoff fondly remembers traveling the world, with his clear highlight being visiting Wall Street in New York City.

Beyond the stock market, Geoff has a passion for the local community. For the last 50 years, he has been an active member in the quaint country town of Trentham. This is where our founder Emily met Geoff, at only 13 years of age; she always remembers ‘Uncle Geoff’ as her favourite person to talk to at her parents parties… He has always had a knack with children and his kind and caring nature makes him a popular and well respected member of the community.

Geoff is a key reason that REACH was able to start, and as an ongoing supporter of our kids and their families, he wants to see us hit our campaign target and has pledged $10,000AUD to make sure that we do!


Our final matcher has opted to be an anonymous giver, and has pledged the final $5,000AUD required for our matching pool. This individual has been an avid supporter of what we do, and while we know exactly who this heroes is, like Clark Kent, they’d prefer to keep their identity a secret.


These incredible companies and individuals have stepped forward to be our ‘Match Grant Heroes’….

By the end of this month, we want to see every dollar matched, with your help, we aim to raise $110,000AUD!

For those of you that are not familiar, this means that your generous donation will have the capability of making double the impact…this is all thanks to an incredible group of philanthropists who have pledged to make up the matching pool.

As a registered Australian charity with DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status, all donations from $2 are tax deductible for our Australian supporters, perfect timing for a last-minute End of Financial Year contribution.

To give you some perspective into why this campaign is so essential, the below figures demonstrate what your donation has the ability to provide.

$10 – Provides 12 nutritious school meals to kids in need 
$20 – Provides 4 sets of art & craft materials for Kindy class  
$30 – Provides 6 kids with 1 month of Computer Classes  
$50 – Provides 2 youths with public high school support for an entire month 
$75 – Provides 90 nutritious school meals to kids in need

Now we are asking you to make it all worthwhile!

Donate now and #doubleyourREACH today.

Help us hit our combined target of $110,000AUD so we can carry out the year supporting our kids and their families in full capacity!

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