Sponsor a youth on our Side by Side ride… we only have 15 places left to fill!

With our upcoming Side by Side ride and newly established REACH Riders Club, we are very proud to introduce to you our newest team member: bike mechanic and tour guide, Rin Borith.

Reach Riders Side By Side  Ride

With 6 years’ experience in leading cycling tours across the country, as well as leadership trips for teenagers from Australian schools in Cambodia, we are incredibly lucky to have this skilled mentor establishing our REACH Riders Club.

Borith is an avid cyclist, he knows mountain bikes back to front and is enthusiastic about driving change and empowering youths within Cambodia.

Excited to share his passion and get our students involved in cycling, Borith has been very busy for the last month training our sponsored youths for the upcoming charity cycle in January.

The current situation is dire; financial pressures have been leading our youths into exploitative workplaces. Already, our Outreach team and Riders Club has both stopped and prevented a number of youths from engaging in unjust labour.

This in itself, makes Borith’s job more rewarding than he first thought possible… watch Borith’s video interview to gain insight into our special club; learn why you should consider sponsoring a youth and fundraising in support of our cause:

So far, we have 15 selected youths sponsored on the event, but we need your help… there are 15 places left, and a long list of teenagers applying to take part! 

With our planned large-scale international fundraiser on hold, no volunteers or supporters able to visit, we need this fundraising event to continue operating through 2021.

Will you sponsor a youth and fundraise to support more than 100 families living in abject poverty?

SPONSORSHIP COST: AUD$360 / USD$240 (Tax Deductible receipts available for U.S.A & Australian donors).

FUNDRAISING TARGET: AUD$1,000  + AUD$500 per additional member in your team OR   USD$720 + USD$360 per additional member in your team

CHALLENGE? (Optional)

If you feel up to the challenge, you too can complete 200kms “Side by Side” with your youth in your home country. 

Our students will be cycling, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

The choice is yours; you can swim, walk, run, or skate it... be creative! The only rule is that you start on the 1st of January and that you complete your challenge at the same time as our youths - 5.00pm (GMT + 7) on Sunday the 17th of January, 2021!

If partaking in the physical challenge is not for you, there’s no pressure, you can rally support for your sponsored youth and put all your energy into fundraising for our cause!

Sponsoring This 200km Ride For Student


Sponsoring this 200km ride for a student at REACH is providing them with much more than a challenging weekend away.

By sponsoring a place on this ride, you will be providing an impoverished teenager with a sense of purpose this year.

Each sponsored youth will receive:

  • 2 + months of ongoing club training rides leading up to the event (25+ hours of training rides)
  • REACH Riders Club t-shirt & drink bottle.
  • A fully funded 2 day / 1-night 200km cycling challenge led by Grasshopper Adventures.
  • Hours of fitness and fun during this incredibly difficult year whilst they aren’t able to attend school.
  • A sense of purpose and commitment to our NGO.
  • An achievement that they will cherish for a lifetime.

 As a sponsor you will receive:

  • Ongoing updates of the REACH riders club training in the lead up to the event
  • 1 month before the event, you will receive a personalised video of your sponsored youth to help drive your fundraising effort
  • A comprehensive fundraising guide & ongoing support from our team.
  • An Online fundraising page which automates tax receipts for Australian or American donors.
  • Ongoing support from our team throughout the campaign
  • A keepsake professional video of the special event highlights..

We need to find 15 more individuals or teams to sponsor a youth by the 31st of October.

Will you help us? 

Sponsor A Youth today: www.ridetoreach.org

Or Email john@reachsiemreap.org

SpSponsor A Youth 31st October


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