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A regular update on all things happening at REACH… join us on our journey, as we work together to drive positive change.

  • We're opening in full for the Sun family & local community.

    By Shiv Fray “REACH Siem Reap is more than an English school….” But what do we mean by this exactly? Whilst receiving a good education is unden...
  • Volunteering in Cambodia at REACH Siem Reap

    By Katie Sands  Hello! My name is Katie Ní Sheanáin. A little about me… I’m 20, Irish, and landed in Cambodia around 4 months ago!   Katie is our...
  • Ride to REACH… the relaunch!

    By Oliver Allcock Our Advisor Oliver Allcock shares with you his first hand experience of fundraising and cycling 650kms across Cambodia. His refl...
  • Family planning and contraception

    By Shiv FrayBecoming a mother can be one of the most monumental and life-changing events to happen in a woman’s life. But imagine going through th...
  • 200kms in 2 days, doing what we love!

    By Borith RinMy name is Borith. I am the REACH Riders Club program manager, before working at REACH I worked as a tour guide, but unfortunately bec...
  • Welcome back to REACH!

    Classrooms full of voices, with hands waving in the air asking to be seen by the teacher, eager to learn. Courtyards with children playing and laug...
  • Sponsor a Youth - Julie's reflection.

    Three years ago, I was blowing the dust off my backpack and getting ready for a trip to Thailand and Cambodia after a long travel hiatus. Little did I know at that time that crossing the border into the Kingdom of Cambodia would be a game changer for me.
  • A parting note from Shiv

    Working on the ground in Cambodia surrounded by a team of dedicated humanitarians fully immersed in responding to the pandemic, does not leave you much time to stop, think and reflect. During the past 2 years at REACH, there has been soaring highs, and devastating lows (as well as everything in between), and riding this metaphorical rollercoaster has made it difficult to sit back and analyse just how much has actually been achieved in the face of adversity.  
    My reflection on the past 2 years happened after an 18 hour flight home, 10 day quarantine and a very big, deep breath.  
    … And wow, what a 2 years it has been! 
  • A painful set-back to grapple with.

    Following a week of yellow-zone lockdowns, on Friday the 17th of September, communes in Siem Reap province were placed into red-zone lockdowns. The...
  • Keeping REACH kids engaged with their education

    Due to the significant financial losses our families suffered from countrywide redundancies; our immediate reaction was to fight the potentiality of starvation. After months of hard work, logistical challenges and everchanging restrictions, our critical emergency food distribution processes were running smoothly and effectively, and it was then time to turn our attention towards intensifying our “at home learning” strategy. 

    Following the success of our Double Your REACH campaign, we are now very proud to share with you the 5 core areas of development that our education team have been working on behind the scenes. 
  • Becoming homeless during Covid.

    Worryingly, the current threat of the Covid-19 outbreak is just one of many problems at the forefront of our families minds. Right now, a number of...
  • Covid-19 has taken hold.

    For the past year, we have been using words such as “difficult” and “challenging” in an attempt to paint a picture of our day-to-day reality, but in all honesty, these singular words undermine the enormity of what not only our families, but also our team have been going through.

    This whirlwind of an update is going to give you some hard hitting insights into the current conditions of Siem Reap city, the many layers of ongoing suffering, and the recent events that led to four of our staff members being removed from their families.