A safe place for children to thrive.


* NOTE: All program activities have been amended to operate within COVID-19 government guidelines.

Our Education program provides at-risk children and youth the opportunity of much needed additional schooling. We provide English lesson taught by skilled and supportive teachers. We also empower and engage our students through Physical Education, Art and Ethics classes.

Sadly, there are many barriers to entry within the Cambodian public-school system which prevent poor children from gaining quality education. Many children born into poverty are without documentation or legal paperwork; to enrol at a public school every student needs to have a family book & birth certificate, both of which cost money. As a result, many poor families can never enrol their children into school.

For many poor children that are enrolled, completing their Primary and Secondary School education remains essentially unachievable. It is said to be free, however, unavoidable costs such as school uniforms, stationery, teachers' fees and exam fees cause many poor children to leave school and begin working for low salaries in unethical conditions as a means to survive.

Furthermore, English is not taught in the public-school curriculum until Grade 7, and in many cases, local teachers are often lacking the skills to speak the language well. Our free classes of English, Art, Physical Education and Ethics run daily from Monday - Friday. We are currently serving more than 200 children and youth from the surrounding villages and slums

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At a glance

Free Education

Students participate in free English, Mathematics, Ethics, Sports & Art lessons 5 days a week at our school.

205 Students

Enrolled in our program, 175 primary aged student & 30 high school students.

The Team

Our talented Khmer team includes our Education Manager & 4 skilled teachers.


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In conjunction with their free classes, our kids also receive nutritious daily school meals to help them to grow, develop and REACH their dreams! Click here to learn more.

"Education is not a way to escape poverty, it is a way of fighting it."