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On the 16th and 17th of January I’ll be cycling a 200km in two days here in Cambodia. I will be cycling alongside 30 youths, staff and support crew from ‘REACH Siem Reap’, an NGO I have been volunteering at for 3 months.

REACH is a charity school and community support centre for more than 100 families living in poverty.

The loss of tourism as a result of the pandemic has resulted in the poor families that REACH supports losing all forms of income. These parents went from earning a few dollars a day, to now having nothing. Since the borders closed and tourism ceased, REACH has been providing the families with emergency food support to combat starvation. Many of the families have said that if it wasn’t for this food and support, they would have left Siem Reap and their children would have had to work to feed the family.

The children and youths enrolled at REACH have grown up with nothing, they are living in very harsh slum conditions with little opportunity. The team at REACH work hard to ensure that these children and families are provided with equal opportunity, with free access to nutrition, education, healthcare, and ongoing support from mentors so that they can break the cycle of poverty for their families.

I have been volunteering at REACH for the last few months, helping the teenagers to build garden boxes to distribute to each family to grow vegetables to assist with their food security. Each month I also help bag and pack 2,250kgs of rice, 2,250 eggs and bars of soap to distribute to the families. This has been very rewarding, it is unbelievable how kind and helpful the teenagers are, considering their circumstances.

This is a great cause, that helps disadvantaged families to make a change in their lives. That is why, I am undertaking this 200km challenge, off-road, on bicycle across the bumpy roads of Cambodia. Training is underway, and I have already completed 180km’s training with the kids, it is hot and humid, but seeing how much the teenagers are gaining from these regular team building rides makes it all worth it.

I am looking forward to the event later in January. I have never done anything like this in my life, and I am hoping those who are able to, will support me on my goal to help REACH Siem Reap continue their work. Please help me to reach my fundraising target and help these children and families in need. No donation is too small.

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Compete & Raise

Marco will be competing in the Side by Side challenge, completing 200kms in 2 days alongside our youths in Cambodia 

Show your support by helping Marco reach his target, no donation is too small!