Empowering youth to be change makers, enabling them to continue their education & break the poverty cycle.

Youth Pathways

A significant challenge facing Cambodian youth is a lack of training and as a result, have limited employment opportunities. Those who are employed often find themselves working under exploitative conditions, earning less than the minimum wage and without a standard employment contract. Often youth are forgotten, however, at REACH Siem Reap we believe that empowering teenagers is the key to breaking long standing cycles of poverty for Cambodian families.

According to Open Development Cambodia only 20.2% of Cambodian teenagers complete high-school each year, and of that, only 14% of the graduates go on to study at University.

Our ‘Youth Pathways’ program seeks to support youths aged (13+) that are facing either of the following challenges:

1. Youths who due to poverty have dropped out of their formal education and are without the skills to acquire fair employment.

2. Outstanding academic achievers who due to poverty are unable to afford their high school education costs

Sponsor A Youth to ensure that a REACH teenager:

1. Receives an interim monthly stipend so that they can continue learning English and Volunteering at REACH until they are equipped with the life-skills and are old enough (16+) to be placed into a Vocational Training program.


2. Has their Public High School Education costs sponsored. This includes all study resources and necessary fees paid to their teachers monthly, with the end goal of completing year 12 and going on to study at University.

Youth Sponsors will receive:

• Initial profile of the youth and family condition 

• A Comprehensive annual update regarding the youth’s academic performance & family condition

• Photos and full update upon completion of their course

• Point of contact and open communication with dedicated case manager

Our Policies 

“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth”


Youth in need of Sponsorship

To qualify for sponsorship, youths at REACH need to show exemplary behaviour and dedication to their studies. Youths are selected based on their determination, voluntary hours in our REACH Role Models Club, and their attendance rate at school. 

For AUD $75 per month, you can support a teenager while they break the cycle of poverty within their family.

We currently have 2 youths urgently awaiting sponsorship.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Youth at REACH please leave your details below:

“You can only lead by example.”