Empowering youths to break the cycle.

Youth Pathways

* NOTE: All program activities have been amended to operate within COVID-19 government guidelines.

We believe that empowering teenagers is the key to breaking long standing cycles of poverty for Cambodian families.

According to Open Development Cambodia only 20.2% of Cambodian teenagers complete high-school each year, and of that, only 14% of the graduates go on to study at University. Sadly, these devastating statistics will only be further exacerbated by the current global pandemic.

Our ‘Youth Pathways’ program seeks to support youths aged (13+) that are facing either of the following challenges:

1. Youths who due to poverty have dropped out of their formal education and are without the skills to acquire fair employment.

2. Outstanding academic achievers who due to poverty are unable to afford their high school education costs

REACH believes in providing opportunity to those who show they're committed to helping themselves. Therefor, for youths to qualify for this program they must first become a member of our REACH Role Models Club. To become apart of this special club, students must register their interest with our social workers and showcase their dedication through committed volunteer hours. 

 REACH Role Models are teenagers who are studying in our Education program that have elected themselves to act as mentors for the younger students at REACH. The aim of this club, is for our older students to act as mentors that their peers look up to, while also giving back to our NGO. 

Our role models actively give back to REACH and the local community by completing volunteer hours in our garden, daily chores, helping with social media posts and fixing bicycles in our REACH repairs shop.

Through this club, teenagers at REACH learn the importance of leadership skills, and that given the opportunity, with hard work and a hand up, against all odds, they too can achieve their dreams.

Additional Support

Selected youths within our REACH Role Models club, that have been identified by our social workers as at-risk, are elected to receive additional support.  Each case will vary, and depending on the situation, our team decides on the best way to help them reach their full-potential during these life-changing formative years. 

- Public School Uniforms & all study resources
- Tuition fees paid to their public school teachers (AUD$20-60 per student)
-Financial stipends on a case by case basis, to prevent students from engaging in exploitative labour (AUD$30-70 per student).
- REACH Role Model Club excursions including Box Fit lessons at Kingdom Fight Gym and regular REACH Riders Club rides.
- Access to our integrated programs including English lessons, professional counseling, sport, art and computer lessons.
- Hygiene supplies and ongoing life-skills workshops.
- Rice Rewards of 10kg per month for maintaining a 95% attendance rate at REACH & public school.

Once elected for additional support, our commitment to selected youths is long-term. Our goal for teenagers within this program, is that they graduate high school and go on to complete University, or a relevant Vocational Training course, so that they can gain fair employment in their desired field.

We hope to have all teenagers at REACH inducted into this program, but to do that, we need your help. Our ability to enlist youths into this program is entirely dependent on funding. 

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Additional Support

Selected Youths receive much needed additional support from our NGO.

8 Teenagers

Enlisted for additional support.

The Team

1 dedicated Youth Pathways Manager & 1 Outreach manager.

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For a poor Cambodian child, having a bicycle can mean the difference between attending school and reaching their dreams, or dropping out of school and engaging in abusive child labour. For many kids, owning a bicycle is an absolute necessity to break the cycle of poverty for their families. Click here to learn more.

“You can only lead by example.”