Side by side ride


The world pandemic of COVID-19 and the subsequent loss of tourism has thrown our 135 families even further into poverty. The majority of our beneficiaries now have no income whatsoever, and are relying on monthly food security, education and emergency outreach support from REACH. Through this economic collapse, our integrated programs are keeping more than 200 children from the slums of Siem Reap in the education system.

We give our families hope so they resist the temptation of dropping out of school, crossing the border illegally looking for work that does not exist, or become victims of human trafficking. These scenarios are very real and both often lead to children being lost in another country and never returning to their home, causing untold trauma to siblings and parents, a pain that never lessens.

To replace our planned inaugural charity bike ride, our team has developed a creative fundraising event which involves strengthening the REACH community by providing our impoverished teenagers with a life-changing experience…one which they will cherish for a lifetime.

With borders still closed, our major fundraising event canceled and no volunteers able to visit, to make it through2021, we need to raise substantial funds. That is why, in January, 2021, our REACH youths and our dedicated staff will be cycling 200kms in 2 days in support of our school.

Will you join our students and compete
“Side by Side” in your home country?


The 200km 2-day challenge will take place in Cambodia on the 16th and 17th of January, 2021 but our international challengers can start clocking up their kms in their own country from the 1st of January. 

Our students will be cycling, but that doesn’t mean you have to!

The choice is yours, you can swim, walk,run, or skate it... be creative! The only rule is that you start on the 1st of January and that you complete your challenge at the same time as our youths - 5.00pm (GMT + 7) on Sunday the 17th of January, 2021!


There is not one person who will argue the fact 2020 has brought with it many overwhelming challenges. With restrictions on freedom of movement and still so much unknown, it is impossible to pinpoint when things will return to normal. This year is taking a huge emotional toll on everybody.

Knowing that international travel is still a while off, we see this as the perfect opportunity to get outdoors, increase your fitness, see more of your home country and feel good while fundraising in support of our families in dire need.

The way in which you fulfill the 200kms is flexible. Go getting cyclists might want to complete the challenge at the same time as our youths and smash it out in 2 days. Others might like to walk 10+ kms per day, every day, for 17 days! The choice is entirely yours.

It is scientifically proven that giving makes us feel good, and that exercise promotes physical and mental wellbeing. We passionately believe that joining this challenge is a powerful way for our supporters to combat the overwhelming negativity of 2020, and replace it with affirmative action, while also changing lives.


Cambodia Volunteer Trips & Cycling


Complete 200kms in your home country & make sure you’ve completed the kms by the same time our teenagers cross the finish line!


$35 AUD
Tax-deductible donation credited to your fundraising tally


$500 AUD
+ $500 AUD per additional member added to your team.


1st - 17th of January, 2021


Your home country!


Participating as a team has enormous benefits; motivation and fun during training, shared goals and commitment, more noise, wider reach, shared fundraising events.

Put together a Family Team or a Work Colleagues team. Maybe an Expats Team, an Alumni, Uni or School Reunion Team.Once you have your team, we will build your fundraising page including your teams story and members.

There are no additional fees or registration requirements regardless of how many you add to your team. The only requirements for each additional team member is that they complete the challenge, and commit to fundraising an additional AUD$500 to your fundraising tally.

There is no cap on how large your team can be, help us further our REACH!