Be the reason we stay open each month!

The REACH Running Costs Club

We all know the stress when it comes to the end of the month and our bills are due. But we also know that without careful budgeting and planning, we would not have a roof over our head, food, running water or electricity. The same applies at REACH.

Without funding to cover these basic necessities, we cannot keep our doors open and our programs running... 

This is why we are so excited to introduce the “Running Costs Club” For as little as $20 AUD a month, you can join a special club of people who KEEP our doors open each month, and are responsible for the ongoing success of our cause.

Included in the running costs are

- All food for our Meals program
- Daily multivitamins, dental supplies, Royal D and first-aid stock
- All medical and dental costs through our Outreach program
- Monthly emergency COVID-19 food security rations for all students and families enrolled at REACH
- Monthly life-saving stipends to at-risk teenagers in our Youth Pathways program
- All Salaries (except for Education salaries; to support our teachers salaries click here to Save A Seat)
- Tools and spare parts for all bicycles to be maintained in our REACH repairs shop
- Staff Health Insurance & Workplace Cover
- Water, Electricity & Rent
- General Office Supplies
- Tax Payments
- Cleaning supplies & waste collection
- Pitch rental for Physical Education Program
- Transportation Costs

Club Members will

- Receive regular updates on our club, our target and our running costs
- Be the reason we stay open month to month

Why Join?

The REACH running costs club members are the crux of our organisation, and by contributing to the physical operation of REACH are ensuring that our team and social workers can continue to implement transformative programs to hundreds of impoverished children and families.

In Cambodia the dollar stretches so far, each month:
$20 can provide all seeds required for our garden each month
$35 can provide a family of 5 with monthly food and hygiene support (rice, eggs, oil, fish, soap etc.)
$50 can repair and modify 4 broken bicycles in our REACH repairs shop
$75 can pay our entire schools electricity bill
$150 can ensure we can provide ongoing life-skills workshops with provisions
$220 will ensure our current medical consultation and treatment budget is available
$270 can pay our tax & compliance
$330 can pay one Cambodian staff members monthly salary

Running costs are rarely advertised by charities, but all organisations DEPEND on them, are YOU willing to help us fund these?

For less than a dollar a day, you can play a major role in enabling REACH to change lives...

We need your help..

The Club

39 Members

From Australia, Cambodia, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Scotland, England, America and New Zealand.

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