Breaking the cycle, one pedal at a time.

REACH Riders Club

For a poor Cambodian child, having a bicycle can mean the difference between attending school and reaching their dreams, or dropping out of school and engaging in abusive child labour. For many kids, owning a bicycle is an absolute necessity to break the cycle of poverty for their families.

At REACH Siem Reap, with the support of our donors we seek to provide much needed bicycles as necessary to the children and youth in our programs who are in the most urgent need. We also gift bicycles to the parents and grandparents of students that require bicycles to earn an income (often to collect and carry rubbish).

With each bicycle that is gifted, we will also include a lock and compulsory helmet to promote safety on the roads. Furthermore, in-line with our annual charity bike ride fundraiser, we include cycling as a regular team building experience for our youths and teachers.

To ensure longevity of the bicycles we gift, our teenagers have set up our REACH Repairs shop to maintain all of our kids and families bicycles free of charge. This service is a student run initiative with the goal of ensuring that every child at REACH can easily attend school, and that their parents and grandparents have working bicycles to that they can always go to work.


* BICYCLE SPONSOR AND PARTNER WANTED: We are looking to partner with a bike company (international or local), that is interested in donating bicycles (new or used) to our program. If you have any leads, please Contact Us.

In direct correlation with our Youth Pathways program, each month our teachers and Head of Academics select 5-10 of the most dedicated REACH Role Models from our evening classes. These selected youths participate in a monthly countryside cycle (30kms) with staff hosted by our partners at Grasshopper Adventures. This program encourages youths to work hard in class and helps us to monitor those most eligible for University or Vocational sponsorships.

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At a glance

Bicycles & Helmets

Bicycles, helmets and locks are regularly gifted to children, youth and their family members who are in the most urgent need

Monthly Club Ride

A group of 15 youths and teachers take the countryside roads for our monthly team building adventure with our partners at Grasshopper

Ride To Reach

Our annual charity fundraiser which invites individuals from around the world to cycle 650km’s across Cambodia in aid of our children


You can support our Bicycle program in the following ways:

"Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving."