Oliver Allcock

Advisory Board Member
Volunteer in Hong Kong

A British expat based in Hong Kong since 2012, Ollie has spent the past twelve years working in recruitment; helping businesses with their growth strategy and hiring and retaining talent, and providing career guidance and professional coaching to individuals. He and his team work with a wide variety of companies and are often involved with industry events and featured in the Hong Kong media. 

Ollie recently spoke at a conference for senior lawyers on the benefits of corporate culture - and hopes to take his positive experience with REACH to this network.

As a passionate sportsman and explorer, he has combined his interests with raising substantial funds for various charities around the world. He has run the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km ultramarathon three times, the HK Moontrekker eight times, as well as various other charity events including an annual bartending competition, football tournaments, the UK 3 peaks challenge, the Berlin marathon, etc. He finds a challenge in the name of a worthy cause very inspiring and a good use of his substantial energy!

Ollie has visited Siem Reap 4 times in the past 12 months and is aware of the poverty and challenges that exist. He is passionate about making change through education and career opportunity.

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