Matthew Telling

Advisory Board Member

Matt has been based in Thailand since 2007 and it is where he resides currently. He has participated in 5 years of charity bike rides where he has raised substantial funds and great awareness for the causes in which he feels so passionately about. This includes education and support for underprivileged youths. Matt has been fundamental in the international advocacy of REACH, working as an ambassador to share his knowledge on the programs and goals of the organisation.

Matt spends his personal time on his interests including classic car restoration, motorsports and endurance rallying. He is now excited to add to that list, being an important part of the team at REACH. He is passionate about creating awareness for a country that has been through so much and that has been overlooked for so long. He found the people in Cambodia to be kind and compassionate, which is one of the many reasons the country is so special. Matt is eager to bring people together from all walks of life. 

Matt’s generosity and positive approach to life makes him a great ambassador and member of the team. He is committed to cycling across dusty Cambodia for the children, and hopes to see you riding alongside him! 

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