match grant heroes

Each year, an integral part of our fundraising strategy is our 'Double your REACH' campaign. To conclude the end of the Australian financial year, for the entire month of June all donations to our organisation are matched, dollar for dollar.

To make this campaign possible, REACH Siem Reap seeks out compassionate companies and individuals to pledge significant funds for the matching pool.

The fundraising targets associated with this campaign, reflect almost half of our annual operating costs. The success of this campaign enables our local team to continue providing life-changing poverty alleviation projects for more than 100 families in the community.

Our Match Grant Heroes are currently matching all donations!


In 2022, our match grant campaign has been facilitated by the following compassionate individuals and companies...

Craig Turnour in loving memory of Nancy & Jim
Woods & Co.
The Luscombe family
Ian & Deb Hayllor
The Dubai Gentleman's Club
The Rotary Club of Dalby
Geoffrey Wilson
Anonymous hero

Match Grant Heroes