How To Help


REACH Siem Reap is able to keep its doors open because of generous and like-minded people. We are able to keep our kids and families fed and educated thanks to the support that comes in many forms.

Getting involved at REACH ensures that the kids and families in the Thlok Andoung community have access to life-changing opportunities. Your support helps us, and helps them change their lives for the better!

With a dedication to our mission, values and vision, we have set up an array of ways for you share our journey, alongside Cambodian families in their fight against poverty!



Be the reason we stay open each month by joining our Running Costs Club!

With a monthly donation of AUD$20 or more you can become a special member of this club receiving quarterly reports and behind the scenes updates from on the ground as they unfold.

The members of the RCC support the physical costs of REACH so that our team on the ground can continue aiding our kids and families.

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If you want to help support our Education Program, we encourage you to Save A Seat for a student for an entire year.

One of the ways in which we aim to tackle abject poverty is through education, and you can help us in doing so by helping our students. Saving A Seat for a child gives them access to all our offered programs; to our extracurricular activities, daily school meals, future academic or professional career pathways and so much more!

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Are you considering setting up an online fundraising page? Well, look no further, you can help REACH make lasting change by starting your fundraising campaign today.

We've got an easy 4-Step Fundraising Strategy to help you kick off your campaign that will help you REACH your goal and drive change!

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Want to get hands-on with REACH? Well, our volunteer program lets you share your time and skills down on the ground in Siem Reap!

One of the biggest factors that contribute to our success at REACH is the compassionate and supportive local team we have, who benefit greatly from the skills shared by our volunteers

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Support comes in all sorts of forms and in-kind donations are one of the many ways in which you can help us take care of our community.

If you're planning on visiting Cambodia from overseas - we'd be very grateful if you would like to donate pre-loved items or supplies that would benefit our programs.

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Do you know a company or individual who could pledge upwards of $5,000AUD to become the next Match Grant Hero? Every year in the month of June, we launch our #doubleyourREACH campaign, where our donations are matched dollar for dollar!

This campaign relies on people joining the Match Grant pool...

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Collaborative efforts greatly maximize the impact we have on and within our local community.

At REACH we are grateful for the relationships we have cultivated with our partners, and are always eager to build new ones.

Whether you're local or international - we'd love to discuss collaborating to build brighter futures!

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If you're interested in building meaningful and impactful relationships as an organization, then help us reach our full potential by sponsoring one of our 10 programs.

With our commitment to financial accountability and transparency, we aim to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with you!

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When you get involved with REACH, you join the journey in battling poverty in our local community. You help us and the families in the community change their lives. In turn, we ensure that we provide with you 100% transparency, to consolidate our budding relationships.

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At REACH, we are grateful for any kind of support offered to us. If you're uncertain because you can't help us physically or fiscally, you'll be happy to know that there are other ways to help us for FREE!