The living conditions of our beneficiaries are dire. As a result, children are without access to computers at home. The public-school sector only introduces Computer classes in Grade 10. By that stage, 19.85% of students have already dropped out due to economic pressures.

Those fortunate enough to remain within the system report over-crowded classes and absent teachers and that they are required to share one old computer with at least 2 of their peers.For children and youth living in such insular communities, computer skills, and internet access provide them with endless growth and development opportunities.

Computer literacy is a requirement of most quality jobs in the modern world; therefore by providing this course, our students will be sought after candidates for employment within many industries.

In collaboration with Ponheary Ly Foundation, our computer course is divided into two levels. For the first level, students age 10 will start the 'PLF Explore Class' course, a self-taught, play-based learning course. For level two, older students will move into the 'PLF Microsoft Office' course, learning how to use the Microsoft Office programs. This style of learning will encourage our students to think independently, move at their own pace, and support their classmates.


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Computer Literacy
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