HR Administrator

Pum Rithy

My name is Pum Rithy and I was born in a poor family in a rural village in Kompong Cham Province. When I was study at Primary School my mother always, encourage to study, because she knows that only Education that can make a good future for her children, unfortunately only my youngest sister and I who can graduated a bachelor’s degree. My oldest brother only finished grade 6 and my second older brother only finished grade 9, because of my family financial issue. 

When I was studying in grade 12 in 2005 all my family moved to live in Siem Reap, because my mother sold all my rice field to pay back my family loan. When my family moved to Siem Reap my second brother, he is a tuktuk driver, my dad is an ice cream seller, my mother just stays home, and my youngest sister is in Primary School. My second brother and my dad are working hard to earn some money to support my family. Fortunately, in that year my second brother met an Australian tourist lady call Tania Palmer Michelle and they both get in love and then they get married in 2005. After I finished grade 12 in 2005, I move to live in Siem Reap with my family and looked for a job to earn some money to support my family. 

Fortunately, after my second brother get married to Tania, they both made a decision to run a Non-Profit Local NGO called Green Gecko Project. In that time my sister-in-law, Tania asked to work at Green Gecko as a food delivery for kids and cleaner. At the same time, my English Speaking is very hard, because I never practice speaking when I was study English at high school and I never meet a foreigner who speak in English, so it makes my job very hard to communicate. After I worked as a food delivery and cleaner for a few years, I was promoted to Child Group Leader, so my job is to look after one group of kids that normally have seven to ten or eleven kids in one group. 

When I work as a group leader, I am very passionate, because I love working with children and I feel that I also, can help my local community too. When I work as a group leader, I was enrolled to study English, and I also continue my bachelor’s degree in accounting at University of Southeast Asia ( USEA ). After I worked as a group leader for many years, I was promoted to Operation Manager at Green Gecko Project. 

In that position I work very closely with children and their parents to communicate with them and Green Gecko Director. Unfortunately, the bookkeeping and administration she has resigned from Green Gecko Project, and she move to live at her homeland, so I was asked to do a bookkeeping and administration too.  

Because of the Green Gecko has the specific plan that all families should live independently by themselves, so in 2020 many of my jobs are got less and less. In November 2021 I pass interview for a part time job at Safe Haven as a bookkeeping and I worked at Safe Haven for one year and half. Now, I am very lucky that I could join a lovely team at REAC Siem Reap as a bookkeeping and administration. I love all REACH’s programs, because they help many children in Siem Reap who don’t have chance to access to study, access to get good nutrition, hygiene and care less from their parents.  

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