English Teacher

Khoeurt Nisann

My life had been so difficult when I was a second-last little kid. I was born into a poor family, and because of financial problems, all my lovely siblings had to stop seeking jobs to support their families. At that time, I did not know what a life was, and what I knew was being happy to live with family. After that, my family was moved to another village, which was in a very rural and remote area. 

In 2012, my life was completely changed when I started living in an NGO to access a quality education, a safe living environment, and improve the living conditions of children. I reached my dream of understanding what a real education was after I lost my mother and felt uncomfortable living without her. Four years later, my father passed away, and I became an orphan. 

After 12th grade graduation was completed, university student life started coming closer, and I felt very unhappy and hopeless because I thought I would not be able to carry on my studies at the university, but I myself had a high expectation that I would pursue my bachelor’s degree at the university, no matter how hard it was. Luckily, I got a sponsor, and my life has been moving on to getting my dream job. 

As a grown guy, I need to support myself and my sibling, who has financial difficulties, so I am searching for a suitable job to earn money. Due to the fact that I was into teaching, I taught in both an organization for free and a few international schools, and I used to decide to stop being a receptionist in the hotel because of it. 

I was so lucky to be selected as an English teacher at the REACH Organization and to be a part of the REACH Team to build hundreds of underprivileged families and children in the community to fight against poverty. 

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