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Subjects taught: English, Maths & Art

Recognizing the limitations of our guardians to attend work when they have young children, the Kindergarten program is a safe space for our youngest students (5 & 6 year olds) to learn and grow in a play-based environment.

These young students now have access to nutritious school meals to aid them in their most critical time for growth and development!

Our Kindergarten program has been designed with a learning through play approach which allows our students to improve their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being. Through this style of teaching, children learn about the world around them and themselves. Our students are learning skills that they will need for the future beit in studying, working and building healthy relationships.    

Our lessons are intergrated with interactive educational toys to promote fun and creative learning.  We focus on three main subjects in the Kindergarten program and these are (English, Mathematics and Art). We assess our students not only on their academic ability but also through the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Scheme) which is the national curriculum for England. This curriculum covers seven key areas of learning deemed essential for a child’s early development.   

Having access to quality English classes at an early age, sets a strong foundation and maximises the impact for our families. Now, the young students have the opportunity to be part of all our English levels, going all the way through until they graduate from high school.   

This program gives parents the opportunity to work without the need to seek for childcare or be forced to bring their young children to dangerous environments, such as construction sites.

Support our kindergarten program

Click here to join our Running Costs Club to keep our kindy TV on, so the kids can learn, dance & play.
With as little as AUD $20 per month, you can help REACH cover essentials like electricity to ensure the survival of this program.


In conjunction with our daily free supplementary classes, all Kindergarten and Primary School aged kids at REACH also receive nutritious daily school meals to help them to grow, develop and achieve their dreams!

But meals are not all they receive; click here to learn more.