Bel’s Lunch Drive
Bel’s Lunch Drive
Bel’s Lunch Drive
Bel’s Lunch Drive

Bel’s Lunch Drive

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* All donations over AUD$2 are tax deductible for Australian donors.*


$2,110.00raised of $2,000.00 goal

105% funded

This is a call-out to all my family, friends and network.

I’m calling-in that favour, that round of drinks, that brunch/lunch/dinner we would love to catch-up over to, instead help me raise enough money to support the Cambodian families which, I recently spent time with.

COVID-19 has impacted many globally, devastating families and communities of all socioeconomic status.

In Cambodia, communities have felt the immediate impact this pandemic. The families and children supported by REACH are facing job losses as, at least half of the parents income relies on tourism; roles including tuk-tuk drivers, hospitality, and construction.

COVID-19 means 200 of the students enrolled at REACH that, are already poverty-stricken face even more dire conditions. 60% of the families are currently squatting illegally on roadsides and private properties using scrap metal, rubbish and tarps as shelter. There is no consistent access to clean drinking water or toilets.

There is no safety-net like Centrelink or other welfare provisions in Cambodia. Now more than ever I, need your help in supporting these families in the short-term.

With our help, The Reach Team will distribute meal and hygiene provisions for every family. Each student receives: 10kg of rice, 12 eggs, a bar of soap & a tin of fish– costing approximately $10.00AUD.

With your donation we can help the Cambodian families and children have another month worth of food and hygiene.

Please help and select the amount you wish to donate by selecting how many ‘Provision Bags’ you like to buy for the families.

· 1 Provision Bag (10kg of Rice, a Bar of Soap, 12 Eggs & 1 x Tin tuna Cans) = AUD$10

I understand we are all in some-way struggling in these uncertain times so, your donation is greatly appreciated!

Click here to read REACH's recent blog explaining the situation.

Watch below to see footage of REACH's first Emergency Relief support which I was there to help with:

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Our wonderful volunteer Bel is fundraising in support of the kids and families at REACH Siem Reap. Please show her your support by making a donation, no amount is too small.