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* All donations over AUD$2 are tax deductible for Australian donors.*

160 supported

$16,720.00 raised of $20,000.00 goal

84% funded

Introducing The Flat Tyres; a ramshackle collection of Englishmen raising money for REACH Siem Reap. We hope our pedalling will inspire you to open your wallets and support an incredible charity.

Leo Kent

Leo loves to cycle about the place but has never worn lycra! Think more Edwardian sightseer than Rapha-clad pro.

Rest assured that despite inappropriate clothing, he has been practicing assiduously on the North Downs and is well prepared for the task ahead.

He’s very much looking forward to raising money for such a great cause and enjoying the sights and sounds of Cambodia from the vantage point of a two-wheeler.

Ollie Allcock

Ollie is in denial about how much lycra he has. Most of it needs replacing after various crashes, most recently on the North Dows with Leo, head on into a thorn bush.

Not only has Ollie crashed on the North Downs, but also previously in Cambodia. Your donations will help enormously to ease his pain.

Ollie is a passionate supporter of REACH and cannot wait to renew his battle with Paul ‘Willow’ Williamson, blindly racing in the wrong direction. He is also hoping that on this ride across a country whose favourite clothing is a football shirt he will see one from his beloved Fulham FC (In 2019 the total was zero)

Ben Price

Ben is ex-military, ex-smoker and ex-party animal, now he has transformed his health and fitness to the point of being able to complete an Ironman Triathalon, he is also the founder of ‘Witterings Fitness’, a community focused health and fitness club in East Wittering.

He has only crashed on his bike once, recently cycling into a ditch after being distracted by a breakfast truck. He has received a great deal of flat tyres and considers himself fairly competent at fixing them.

Ben's ultimate objective is to inspire others to do great things and leave the world in a better place by supporting the environment, animals and people in need of help. He hopes that by cycling across Cambodia with REACH he can also inspire others to do something crazy and impact the children of Cambodia in a positive way.

Leo Hammett

Leo (yes there are two of us!) struggles to cycle aboard the boat he works on. He does, however, find time when he is at home and not training in Ben’s gym, to cycle the pothole-laden roads of the South Downs.

He is as passionate about Southeast Asia as he is about Chelsea FC and cannot wait to raise as much money for REACH as possible. To help some of the most disadvantaged people in the world whilst seeing so much of their beautiful country is a great privilege.

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The Flat Tyres have signed up for the January 2023 "Ride to REACH" challenge, completing 650kms in 8 days to raise money for Cambodian kids and their families at REACH Siem Reap.

Show your support by helping them reach their target, no donation is too small!