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As we wave goodbye to a horrific 2020, I have set myself a challenge for January 2021 and joined the REACH Side-by-Side event. A major fundraising event for the organisation, it has been adapted so that volunteers can take part across the world. More on this later....

It pains me to say that it was as late as 2017 when I first truly learnt about the hardships the Cambodian people have succumbed to for the past 40+ years. It took a chance book swap whilst traveling to start reading ‘Cambodia’s Curse: The Modern History of a Troubled Land’. In summary, it describes how Cambodia is still haunted from its harrowing years under the Khmer Rouge where it experienced the worst mass genocide in history (approx 2 million people killed).

Soon after, I travelled the country and was surprised by how friendly the Cambodian people were! Their big smiles hiding their daily struggle as a result of their impoverished background and lack of basic amenities (food, clean water and education).

REACH is an integrated program to lift children and families out of poverty. They give families hope and allow children to dream big by giving them a free education and teaching them key life skills. REACH also provide emergency support and the basic necessities so that families don’t succumb to prostitution, modern day slavery and human trafficking. Now, more than ever, REACH need our help. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced income from tourism and put even more families at risk.

So, on 16/17th January, REACH youths and staff will be cycling 200km to raise money for the cause. I have decided to take part from England, and my initial intention was to run and row the 200km by 17th January.

UPDATE - Thanks to a calf injury sustained from the running, I have had to increase my rowing distance to 15km/day for 9 days! If I reach my stretch target of $1250 by Saturday 16th January, I will join the side-by-side ride and also cycle 200km over two days!

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you’re able to support the journey by donating whatever you’re able to.

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 Compete & Raise

Steve will be competing in the Side by Side challenge, completing 200kms in England whilst our youths cycle in Cambodia to raise money for their community. 

Show your support by helping Steve reach his target, no donation is too small!