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* All donations over AUD$2 are tax deductible for Australian donors.*

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$3,720.00 raised of $1,500.00 goal

248% funded

This is a call-out to all of our families and friends and social media contacts. The COVID-19 has impacted many globally, devastating families and communities across the globe.

Most of us in Australia are in lock-down or asked to “stay at home” and not going out for our morning coffee, buying a newspaper or dropping into the local café for lunch or having dinner at the local pub with family and friends. We are safe in the comfort of our homes spending quality time with our immediate family reading, writing, gaming, studying, watching movies, gardening and getting limited chosen exercise, etc.

As fund raisers we are social distancing, which gives us very little opportunity to promote a raffle, a movie night, a restaurant function, wine and cheese night, etc., to raise money to support our planned REACH ride in January 2021. On that note, we are still planning to ride if the governments allow and the Coronavirus is beaten.

Either way or in the meantime, Cambodian communities have felt the immediate impact of the pandemic. The families and children supported by REACH have lost livelihood with the collapse of the tourist industry.

There are 200 students enrolled at REACH who are already poverty-stricken and now with COVID-19 face even more dire conditions. 60% of REACH’s families squat on roadsides and private properties using scrap metal, rubbish and tarps as shelter with no consistent access to clean drinking water.

In this unprecedented challenging time we are asking you to consider giving up some of that coffee, ice-cream, entertainment money to assist meet the survival needs and prevent further devastation to impoverished Cambodian families.

There is no safety-net like Centrelink, government bailout, or welfare provisions in Cambodia. Now more than ever REACH, need your help in supporting these families.

With your help, REACH will continue to distribute meals and hygiene provisions to every family each month, with each student to receive: 10kg of rice, 12 eggs, a bar of soap & a tin of fish– costing approximately $10.00AUD.

How far the dollar stretches:

A donation of just $10 buys 1 Provision Bag.
A donation of just $20 will provide 18 kg of rice.
A donation of $50 will provide for 5 families.
A donation of $100 will provides for 10 families.
A donation of $150 will pay REACH’s electricity bill for one month.

We understand that everyone is struggling in some-way with COVID-19 pressures, however your donation as big, or as little as it may be, will be greatly appreciated!

Your donation can help a Cambodian family have another month’s worth of life saving food & hygiene.

Click here to read REACH's recent blog explaining the situation.

See footage of REACH's first Emergency Relief support:

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Paul & Barbara are competing “Side by Side” with two Cambodian teenagers in January 2021. While our youths cycle in Cambodia, Paul and Barbara will be completing our 200km challenge in Australia and are dedicated to raising $1500 for REACH whilst providing our youths with the experience of a lifetime.

Please show him your support by making a donation, no amount is too small.