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$3,110.00raised of $3,000.00 goal

103% funded

Having joined Emily on a previous Cambodian charity adventure I am delighted to be involved again. REACH is a project that I am an Advisory Board member and passionate supporter of.

2020 has forced drastic changes to our fund raising plans but the end goal remains the same. I am constantly amazed by the team at REACH and the great work they bring to the community.

Travel restrictions mean sadly I will not be pedalling myself in 2021, but I am so pleased the kids can enjoy the experience. My below blurb is taken from my thank you letter to donators from the previous charity bike ride in 2019. For me the words run very true:

“This is a note of my extreme thanks for your donations and support. I will not lie; I absolutely loved every second of it! But that does not mean that there were not challenges involved when I had to dig deep. It was up to 35 degrees hot, often cycling into strong headwinds, with terrain ranging from sand and dirt tracks to Cambodia’s main highway. Companions on the road varied from overloaded trucks and modified tractors to potholes, nomadic cows, and more …. The days were dusty and long and exhausting – it really is an adventure into the unknown.

But with these challenges came a truly enriching experience. For a start, the thousands of friendly children and villagers, who rarely saw foreigners, who would yell with excitement as we cycled through their remote towns. I have never said hello so many times in my life! And my fellow cyclists; a superb bunch of mostly Australians and Cambodians. The bond we formed over the challenge was amazing and when 23 of us crossed the finish line at the school, where we were greeted by countless happy kids, it was an unforgettable moment."

So here to more of the same in 2021!

Knowing that the funds we raise, will go to sustaining this incredible community centre in Siem Reap is something I am proud to be a part of. REACH’s programs will break the poverty cycle for whole families so that they can live a life free from exploitation and suffering. Most of the funds will go to the more boring but expensive matters (as other donors normally want to sponsor specific children) which include running costs such as electricity, rent, food and teachers’ salaries. All of which the school needs to operate, so I’m sure you can agree that this is money well spent.

Thank you so much for supporting me and more importantly REACH.

** Donations are in AUD.

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Oliver is competing “Side by Side” with a Cambodian teenager in January 2021. While our youths cycle in Cambodia, Oliver will be completing our 200km challenge in Hong Kong and is dedicated to raising $3,000 for REACH whilst providing our youths with the experience of a lifetime.

Please show him your support by making a donation, no amount is too small.