Julie Ricketts 2023

Julie Ricketts 2023

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One thing I've learned over the last 3 years is that "one person really can make a difference".

With a little help from their friends, one person can make a world of difference!

I think most of us want to help enrich lives of those that aren't as fortunate as we are and we all have a special place in our chosen charity. Sadly, there is no shortage of those that need our help just to survive.

For me, that special group that has taken ahold of my heart, is Cambodians. For those that know their tragic history and how hard they've struggled since, you understand. My time in Cambodia, though short, was a very special time for me and has forever changed me. I've yearned to return ever since and finally, in Jan 2023, the Charity Bike Ride by REACH is scheduled to take place at long last.

This rather mature butt will peddle itself across 650 Km of Cambodian road, hitting every pothole along the way I'm sure. I'm training now and am more than a little terrified of the challenge it presents but I am determined! I'll do the work, I just need your support to reach the fundraising target.

I miss the warmth of Cambodians, the innocent delight of the children and the passion of their mothers and fathers who dream of a better life for them.

So, I ask you, please consider a donation to this amazing cause, together we can make a profound difference. Help me to help them, I can promise you that the "Feels" you get in your heart will be worth it.

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