Go It Solo 2023

Go It Solo 2023

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* All donations over AUD$2 are tax deductible for Australian donors.*

Go It Solo

Will you run/swim/cycle/skate 200kms in 2 weeks to raise money to keep REACH's program operating?

To commit to the 200km in 2 weeks charity challenge, we require each participant to make an initial donation of AUD$20 per person, which will then be allocated to your fundraising page.

After we receive details of your donation we will be in touch to provide you with:

• Information Pack
• Fundraising Guide
• Your personal online fundraising platform

Thank you for committing yourself to this selfless challenge supporting our cause from your home country, in the global effort to keeping REACH's programs operating. 

Please Note: The listed donation amount is tax-deductible in Australia and will be credited to your fundraising tally.

If you would like a U.S.A Tax Receipt you will need to 
contact us to arrange this donation through an alternative payment gateway.