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IN JANURARY 2021 I WILL BE CYCLING 200km in 2 days!

Yes! You read that correctly. In January 2021 I will be completing a 200km (124 mile) bike ride across Cambodia in just 2 days! Now, for anyone that knows me, you understand exercise is not my strong point and I will definitely opt for taking that Tuk Tuk journey instead of walking.

I will be riding SIDE BY SIDE with 30 teenagers who belong to the families REACH NGO support. This charity bike ride aims to raise money not only support the education of teenagers, but ensuring the families they support have access to emergency relief packages every month.

I have lived in Cambodia collectively for 2 years, and for a country that has given me so much, it is time to give something back.

Due to COVID-19, and for a country that relies heavily on tourism, many families have lost their only source of income, and as a consequence are living in severe poverty. This comes with many challenges for families where the responsibility of supporting a family can often fall on young teenagers.

REACH’s mission is to give families hope and support, allowing them to resist the temptation of dropping out of education, crossing the border illegally looking for work, or becoming victims of human trafficking. These scenarios are both very real and can often lead to children being lost in another country and never returning home.

REACH support over 100 families in dire need, providing monthly relief packages containing essential food and hygiene items. Without these basic necessities many families would go without and children would go uneducated.

I am reaching out to all of you, asking you to sponsor me during this charity bike ride. All funds raised are in support of REACH’s programs, providing education for youths and continuous support for families in abject poverty. In a year that has taken so much from so many, we can decide to GIVE BACK! Something that we take for granted, someone else is praying for. I cannot thank you enough in advance if you choose to sponsor me, and I look forward to taking you all on this journey with me!

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Compete & Raise

Ella will be competing in the Side by Side challenge, completing 200kms in 2 days in Cambodia alongside our students and fundraising on their behalf.

Show your support by helping Ella reach her target, no donation is too small!