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Since Covid-19 and the affect it had on tourism, the community of Cambodia has suffered greatly. As a country that relies heavily on tourism as a source of income, has had its border closed for 18th months. This means many families and communities that rely on the flow of tourists and the income that they bring have been out of work and struggling to provide even the basic needs for their families.

REACH Siem Reap offers a variety of programs which work to lift children and their families out of poverty. The programs include education, computer literacy, health and nutrition, youth pathways and outreach.

Through their integrated program offerings, we aim to ensure that the needs of each child and their family are met, so that they can effectively break free from poverty, in a productive and lasting way.

For as little as a couple of pounds or even pennies, you could help keep a roof over a family's head, provide essential medical care, and offer the next generation the tools and access to an education. You would be providing a family with hope and support allowing them to resist the temptation of crossing the border illegally looking for work, or becoming victims of human trafficking. Both of these scenarios are very real and even more prevalent due to the lack of jobs and restrictions during these times.

All donations will support REACH’S programs, providing education to youths, and supporting families in abject poverty.

I cannot thank you enough in advance if you choose to sponsor me. I will provide you all with updates along the way. .

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Ben has signed up for the January 2022 "Side by Side" challenge, completing 200kms in 2 weeks to raise money for Cambodian kids and their families at REACH Siem Reap.

Show your support by helping Ben reach his target, no donation is too small!