Proud Mother

Sut Phally (Sreylin)

Sreylin is a 38 years old proud mother of 2. Unlike many others residing in Siem Reap, she was born and raised in the city, and still lives there now. She feels very lucky to have grown up in the city as she understands that there are more opportunities for schooling and employment than in the rural countryside, and she is happy that her children will have access to education. When she completed high school, she worked in a small shop selling clothes. Now, she is a full-time mother, and on the Cambodian directors' board for REACH Siem Reap. She is extremely grateful to volunteer for REACH because she strongly believes in their goal to help families break the poverty cycle. She wants to ensure that impoverished families also have access to education, and their children have access to food, and as she watches the positive effect that REACH’s programs have on the families in the community, she is proud to be involved.


Chheun Srey Noch Social Worker
Chheun Srey Noch

Social Worker

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Phin Veasna Computer Teacher
Phin Veasna

Computer Literacy Teacher

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Hout Sreymom Chef & Gardener
Hout Sreymom

Chef & Gardener

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