Education Manager

Sok Mardy

My name is Sok Mardy, I am 26 years old and I was born in Siem Reap province. I have been living with my parents and two younger brothers since I was born. My father is a tuk-tuk driver, and my mother is a seller at the market. Both of my brothers are at school. My first brother is a university student, and my youngest brother is a high school student. Our family really values education because we have the same belief that education is an opportunity to build an individual’s future. I started learning English when I was in grade 5. I eventually fell in love with English and I always desired to speak English fluently. However, my family were struggling financially so I could not keep studying English at a private school and I moved to study English at a local NGO and pagoda. When I was young, I didn’t fully understand the importance of education, but my mother ensured that I knew its true value. I was motivated by seeing my peers studying hard, and I decided to spend my time preciously and I put a lot of effort into my schoolwork.

After grade 12, I pursued higher education at the university. At the same time, I was working in a small boutique where I could practice my English every day. Fortunately, I got a fully funded sponsorship from a local NGO for my 4-year course. Being given this chance by the NGO inspired me to apply for a new job as a teacher in another NGO. I also loved volunteering and working with children and giving back to the local community.

After 4 years at university, I got another scholarship to pursue my Master’s Degree for two years in Thailand and it was a good opportunity to obtain further education and expand my life experiences by living abroad. At the same time, I was volunteering teaching English at the Thai university and I really enjoyed teaching. I found that teaching was not only about sharing knowledge but learning different skills and meeting new people. That is why I am in the education field.

After I graduated from my University in Thailand, I was given the chance to work with Emily at REACH. I was so excited to get this sort of opportunity to work in an NGO again. This has enabled me to help impoverished children and families, something I am very passionate about. I am so thrilled to be working with the REACH team here, everyone is positive, cooperative, helpful and has a good heart to make a positive impact in the community.


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