The Side by Side ride is back!

Will you smash 200kms in 2 weeks for Cambodian families in need?

Side by Side Ride 2022

In January this year, 30 of our students and 65 international supporters embarked on a 200km fundraising challenge which has enabled us to continue to provide life-saving support to REACH's impoverished families... it is because of these incredible supporters that our charity has made it through this tough time.

The events we hosted for our youth in Siem Reap were unforgettable. Our students spent 4 months in the lead up to their challenge training in our REACH Riders Club, come January they were able to cycle 200kms in 2 days for their community. It was their first time ever to camp overnight with friends, they peddaled their hearts out in support of their own NGO, crossing over the finish line with a sense of achievement like never before.

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While the youth carried out the challenge on the ground in Siem Reap, their sponsors were completing their km's in their home countries, running/riding/walking "Side by Side" with us! These incredible international participants completed their 200kms over 2 weeks, and finished their challenge at the exact same time as our students...It was truly magical.


The youths enrolled in REACH’s programs come from unimaginable hardship.

Commonly being the eldest of their siblings within their families, a lot of responsibility falls on their shoulders both emotionally, and financially. As a result, impoverished youth are the most vulnerable to fall victim to human trafficking and slave labour.

By keeping our youths engaged in REACH’s programs, we can help to ensure that they are not the next victims.  With so much difficulty in their home life, and huge pressure to help to support their struggling families, our youth’s time spent at REACH is where they are able to simply act their age, feel understood and bond with other children in similar situations, and recieve support and encouragement from our dedicated team. 

The REACH Riders Club and the Side by Side event play a primary role in this. Training rides where our youths are cycling through the lush, green countryside and exploring the ancient temples through jungle trails on their bicycles are filled with fun and laughter. It gives them a purpose and a goal to work towards with an overarching sense of achievement. Our beautiful students tell us that being a part of the club and getting out in the fresh air on these rides helps them to relieve stress, even if just for a few hours each day. 

Sponsors from around the world, are providing our impoverished youths with a sense of purpose this year.

We are very proud to announce that all youths have been sponsored onto the event.

Now we just need more global competitors to 'ride, run, walk or swim, "Side by SIde" with our youth in January 2022.



Will you commit to the challenge of completing 200kms in 2 weeks in your home country?

All while raising critical funds in support of the kids and their families at REACH Siem Reap.


A one-off donation of $20AUD which is added to your fundraising tally!


2nd - 16th January, 2022


$500AUD per person

+$500AUD per team mate

If you're interested in participating, but would like to learn more, email and we will be in touch with more details!


We currently have 19 sponsors & 27 individuals signed up for the 200km challenge who will be competing from 8 countries globally.

Will you add your country to the map?

Show these incredible challengers your support by making a donation to their fundraising pages below:

  • Team Shearnie & Liv 2022
    Team Shearnie & Liv 2022
  • Georgia Rajic 2022
    Georgia Rajic 2022
  • Team Meegs & Steph 2022
    Team Meegs & Steph 2022

"Taking part in the training and leading these rides was the highlight of my year."