Mark Lyndon


Mark became a qualified accountant in 1987 and after short periods with both the ANZ bank and the Australian Tax Office, chose to commence his own Accounting business. This business focused broadly on taxation and small business but his true “calling” was to offer all possible support to small business. 
After 25 years of assisting small business owners and setting up tax effective family and tax structures, Mark sold his Accounting business and went into small business himself.
Mark is now Managing Director of a national training organization but his strong passion to see and help small business survive and in fact flourish still remains.
Having seen the dire lack of financial expertise and compliance in Cambodia, Mark is motivated and focused on ensuring that REACH has the structure and expertise to ensure that Reach is compliant in every possible aspect of its operation. It is imperative that all donors and professionals that support the business are certain that their contributions to REACH are distributed to a credible business that will be an on-going concern.
Beyond the figures, Mark has an incredibly large heart and was absolutely devastated by the overwhelming effects poverty in Cambodia. He has seen first-hand how challenging life is for Khmer children, and wants to play his part to ensure they have access to the basic needs of education, food and healthcare. He looks forward to watching REACH evolve and seeing entire families lives transform as they break free from poverty.
In his spare time Mark relishes the opportunity to travel, follow football and play golf.


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