Joe McBride

Director & Volunteers Manager

A New Zealand native, Joe has made Cambodia his home for the past 6 years, with long term plans to continue his work in development as an integral team member on the ground at REACH. Joe has a wealth of knowledge in construction, having spent years working in the building industry in both New Zealand and Australia. He has provided valuable support during the initial building process of REACH due to his experience. 

Joe has additionally spent 4 years working for NGO’s in Cambodia, with similar philosophies to REACH. His main role was working as a volunteer coordinator, working together with volunteers to ensure that all involved were mutually benefitting from the volunteering experience. This includes implementing child protection policies and all correspondence with volunteers before and during their placements. He further spent 2 years managing a hotel in Siem Reap where the volunteers would stay. 

Joe is very passionate about REACH’s values and is looking forward to seeing the positive long term effects for families through the programs. Joe has previously worked with Founder Emily Williamson, and participated in a charity bike ride for underprivileged children. He feels very strongly about the transparency of financials, which is something REACH is committed to providing, and thus is very excited to be a part of the team.

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