Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Try Sokea

I am 26 years old, and my parent moved from Takeo province to Siem Reap province in 2007. I have seven siblings, and I am the 5th child in my family. Now I am staying with my elder sister in Phom Tmey Village, Sala Dongkom Commune, Siem Reap City. In my free time, I like to lead my little nephews to sing songs, Cook, listen to music, draw, go on the internet, hang out, and do meditation. 

I have been studying with Anjali House since I was 12 years old, and I also started studying at Khmer school in the first grade. I had many memories there during my childhood.  

 I graduated from Angkor High School in 2019, and Then I went to Ѐcole Paul Dubrule in 2020. After I graduated, I tried to find a job, but it was hard to find a job because of the covid-19 pandemic.  

 After the pandemic quiet, I went to Anjali House, and my teacher discussed with me to continue to university, and they were looking for a scholarship for me.  I am studying at BBU University in the evening shift. My Major is English, I’m in year one, and I am nearly completed my first semester. 

During the daytime, I worked as an intern at Anjali House as a kindergarten teacher until I could find a job. And now, I am very excited that I have a chance to work at REACH.  

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